Books, DVD's and Ministries

Here are some ministries, books, videos and online tools to help you as a youth leader run a balanced discipleship ministry. Curated from other youth pastors across Ontario.

CYN Videos

Over the span of many years, we’ve created useful videos designed to resource youth pastors and leaders regarding discipleship and networking.

CYN Blog

Articles and interviews geared towards helping youth pastors and leaders with issues on discipleship, network building and lots more. Also featuring our quarterly CYN newsletter.
“The Canadian Youth Network not only cares for the youth in this country, but also sincerely cares for the youth pastors, directors and workers throughout Canada. The heart that CYN has  for these youth workers are clearly on display as they are willing to help these leaders lead this next generation to experience Christ. When you connect with the Canadian Youth Network, you become part of a bigger vision beyond just yourself and your church.” Mike Gordon

Itinerant Preacher, Rock House Ministries

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