Personal Health for Pastors

A key aspect of CYN is our availability to meet with youth pastors and leaders who contact us to talk about their ministry or personal life.  This is the most significant work we do but very intangible in terms of how to measure its impact.  A youth leader’s personal health is foundational in developing a ministry modelled after Jesus ministry.

Our objective here is to be a neutral source for the youth leader to talk with a veteran ministry leader about their challenges or about new ideas they’re working through.

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“Canadian Youth Network believes in young people, and in those who work with young people. I’m really thankful for the mentorship, love and investment CYN has poured into my ministry and into me. They are 100% committed to the success of youth ministries of churches and it shines through in everything they do. I praise God for the ministry of CYN.” Rev. Dr. Ho-Ming Tsui

Pastor, Richmond Hill Christian Community Church

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